Kogeka - Katholiek Onderwijs Geel - Kasterlee

Katholiek Onderwijs Geel - Kasterlee
Technische Schoolstraat 52, 2440 Geel

Tel. 014 57 85 64
Fax 014 57 85 51
E-mail: kogeka@kogeka.be

KOGEKA English

KOGEKA English

KOGEKA is a community of six secondary schools in the neighbouring municipalities of Geel and Kasterlee, in the north east of the province of Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium. This six institutes offer general, technical and vocational education in a wide range of study fields to pupils age 12-19. Together, they total more than 4400 pupils and 700 members of staf. Since 1992, KOGEKA schools have continuously been involved in European projects of all kinds. See the appendix for a taster of what to expect in KOGEKA!




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